Ishibashi Internal Medicine Group Recruiting Page

At our hospital, with the philosophy of providing “tailor-made medical care that the patient desires”,
we are trying to contribute to the local community by paying close attention to the local Himeji city area.

Ishibashi Internal Medicine Group Recruiting Page

About Ishibashi Internal
Medicine Group

The Ishibashi Internal Medicine Group operates
two hospitals and seven nursing centers in Himeji city.

About Ishibashi Internal Medicine Group

Message from the President

Message from the President

Let’s forget the license once.
At that time, how will the world appear in your eyes?

Our world is a special world composed of a group of people with professional licenses. Many people are doing a lot of efforts to get the license, but depending on the degree of difficulty there will be up and down licenses and a pyramid type organization will be created. In most cases, the doctor is the top, and things progress with senior management.

Actually I think that this diagram is not very good from the point of view of a patient. Because it seems so. It is clear rather than looking at fire which experts in each field are involved in patients from all directions and which patients do not exercise their specialty according to the doctor’s idea.

So at Ishibashi Internal Medicine, the staff involved with patients and users, whether direct or indirect, such as doctors, nurses, therapists, caregivers, nutritionists, cooks, pickup drivers, receptionists and concierges, It is equal. We strive to grow together, stimulating, interacting with each other by exercising their strength at each holding place and solving the problem by teaming up teams.

In other words, it is said that it is such a difficult world. We can not keep our patients unless we are desperate towards the same goal, I can not be happy. Moreover, it has to keep on continuing it. I do not have time to cling to a small one like a small one. Everyone who wants to work in medical care, please ask yourself once. “What do I want to do here?” At that time you will feel the endless expansion of the world you took and you will find that you are surprisingly free.
President Etsuzi Ishibashi

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Himeji is like this

Sightseeing spots are enriched

As well as Himeji Castle, there are various sights and leisure facilities!

  • Himeji StationHimeji Station
  • Koko-enKoko-en
  • Himeji City Museum of ArtHimeji City Museum of Art

Comfortable climate all year round

Since Himeji city faces the Seto Inland Sea, there are many mild days throughout the four seasons,
both annual rainfall and precipitation days are small, and it is very easy to spend.
Damage from typhoons and floods is also extremely small, so it is a safe and easy to live area.
Also, in the spring you can enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom at Yumesaki River nearby.

Comfortable climate all year round
  • Precipitation / precipitation days = Few
  • Typhoon / flood damage = Few
  • Mild climate throughout the four seasons

Comfortable all year round,
easy to spend

Introduction of Dormitory

Because there is a laundry in the dormitory, we can do laundry without worrying about the weather.
Also, there is a supermarket in the neighborhood, and it is around the middle of Himeji station and hospital,
so it is very convenient to go to commute or to go shopping in front of the station.

  • Introduction of Dormitory
  • Introduction of Dormitory
  • Introduction of Dormitory

Entry form

Are you currently employed?
Have you ever worked at hospital or nursing home?
When did you come to Japan?
When will you move from Japan?
Do you have any friends or relatives in Ishibashi Internal Medicine?
Do you have the legal right to work in Japan?
When did you come to Japan?

Basic Privacy Policy for Customers' Personal Data

Ishibashi Internal Medicine Group which are hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Company".)stipulate "Personal Information Protection Policy" as stated below to protect your personal information.

1. Collection, Use, and Distribution of Personal Information

(1) Principle of Collection
The Company will only collect your personal information for the following purposes: exchanging information, sending announcements or greetings following the social customs, providing the information of our products and services related to transactions, conclusion and execution of contracts, and managing other transactions. When such a collection is made for any other additional purposes, the Company will clarify the purposes and obtain your prior consent.

(2) Principle of Use and Distribution
When the Group uses and distributes your personal information, we will do so only within the scope of the purposes clarified in advance.

2. Sharing the Personal Information

The Group may share your personal information among all Ishibashi Internal Medicine Group, however, will do so with the prior announcement of sharing.

3. Respect of Personal Rights

The Group will respect your personal rights pertaining to personal information. If you request the disclosure of your own information, the Group will comply insofar as adequate within a reasonable length of time. Also, if you request correction or change to your own personal information, the Group will comply within a reasonably short period of time only if your identification is verified.

4. Proper Management of Personal Information

The Company will implement appropriate safety measures to protect your personal information that we collected and take adequate measures to prevent unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, and loss.

5. Compliance with the Laws and Regulations

The Group will comply with the laws and regulations pertaining to personal information stipulated in Japan as well as the Company's regulations.

6. Continuous Improvement of Personal Information Management

The Group will protect and manage your personal information in an adequate manner. We will also audit and review the management of your personal information on a regular basis to make improvements.

7. Inquiries regarding personal information

The Group will use the following page as our common contact in Ishibashi Internal Medicine Group to receive your inquiries regarding personal information.